Another Bike to add to the list.

One thing that I have not yet mentioned yet is that my wife also rides. She has just completed her Trike training course and now has her trike endorsement. But I am not going to write about the trike yet.  Her next step is to get her motorcycle endorsement so, she needs a bike.  After some consideration we decided to get her a Honda Navi.

The Honda Navi is a 110cc 'motorcycle' although in reality it is based on a scooter platform. It has a CVT transmission and drum brakes.  It is not sporty but it is one of those bikes that just makes you giggle.  The Navi is part of Honda's mini-moto line along with the Grom, Monkey and others.

The role of the Navi is to get her used to life on two wheels and so far she is loving it. What helps is that I actually bought two of them so that I can ride with her.

Special Delivery!

Because the Navi has a CVT transmission it means there is no clutch or gears to worry about.  This means that new riders can concentrate on the ride, and maneuvering rather than worrying about what gear to be in. That can come later.

Because I got two of them, I got them in different colors so that she can choose the color she likes. She went with the red, so I get the Grasshopper yellow.

The red one is known as 'Lunchbox'

The picture gives you an idea of how small these bikes are. I am 5'10 and about 210lbs in this picture and I look like a silverback on circus bike.  So far I have managed to put about 24 miles on mine, and they are an absolute giggle to ride, despite the 12" front wheel and 10" rear wheel.

In terms of performance, it is best described as lacking.  I can squeeze about 45mph out of it with the throttle pinned and it takes a while to get there!  But, still fun. 

So the wife is going to ride hers and train for the motorcycle test, and I am going to mod mine, a lot I think.  In fact I am going to run another project and will document that here in future posts.

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