Modding the Navi - Part 1

The new Navis are great.  You may recall from my earlier post that we purchased two; one for my wife to learn to ride on and one for me to play with.  We got one in red and one in Grasshopper green.  I have taken the red one and my wife has named it 'Lunch Box" and she has taken the grasshopper green one and its name is apparently 'Navicado'.  I don't normally name my bikes but here we are.

This is what happens, it just does

So currently both bikes are stock but I want to play with mine a little.  I plan on splitting my mods up into two parts; cosmetic and performance.

Cosmetic Changes

The cosmetic changes will reflect what I want the bike to look like and the possibilities here are endless. I am not going to go with a cruiser or sport bike look with it but I might turn it into a little cafe racer or maybe a little scrambler. 

Performance changes

There are some performance mods that are a must on the Navi; replacing the air box, modifying the CVT and tuning the carb.  I may also look for a big bore kit if such a thing exists. It would be interesting to see it with a 125cc motor instead of the 110cc.  Care must be taken here though as the brakes are only simple drum brakes, and these small tires may have a speed rating that limits performance.  

I also want to approach the mods from a somewhat scientific standpoint so I will baseline stock performance and then remeasure performance after each performance mod, so that we can see how much bang we get for our buck as it were.

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