My Personal Interests


My personal interests are many and varied.  In this section of my web site I describe and document them.  Please use the labels to the right to search for posts on specific subjects.  


Many of my posts can be bundled as they are essentially projects (like some of my bike builds) and these are linked in the project listings on the right.  These are divided into current projects and archived projects. 


I cover my language studies in a separate blog section that is linked in the home page. 

My Studies

I also love to learn and I document my studies here too.  I like to take courses on These are some of the courses I have completed:
  • Master the RSA Public Key Crypto System (Danie Brink)
  • Learn to run Linux Servers (Linux Academy)
  • Introduction to Linux as a desktop (Linux Academy)
  • Introduction to Bash scripting & Python 101
  • Docker & Kubernetes; the complete guide

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