Project: Tattoo Me

It was on a weekend trip to Amsterdam that I got my first tattoo.  It was just flash picked from a book but it spoke to me and I liked it.  Ever since then I wanted more of them but I did not want to throw just anything on my skin.  I also did not know what I really wanted.  And back then being covered in tattoos in a corporate environment was still frowned upon.  So for years I languished in this no mans land of not knowing what I wanted but knowing I wanted something.  

Things changed in the summer 2022 when I got tattoo number 2, and it seems to be snowballing from there, 

Project Tattoo Me

This project documents my journey to collect various meaningful tattoos.  As described above, my first was a piece of flash, but the second and third are custom pieces.  Who knows what I will get next as I travel on this tattoo journey.

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