Project: Yamaha RD125 Bike build

Many years back I was a poor and struggling engineer who really wanted to ride motorcycles.  As I was in the UK at the time, back then you had to pass your bike test (The CBT) on a bike no larger than 125cc.   So I needed a 125cc bike to get my license and a friend of a friend had a Yamaha RD125 in pieces and wanted very little for it, so I snapped it up and this is the story of the build.  

This was done in the early 90s so no digital camera.  At the time I was using a Canon T80 and I guess there is a reason they were produced for a year.  I could never get the thing to focus correctly so some of the images in these assembled blog posts are a little blurry.

The process is documented in 6 blog posts detailed here:

The finished product:

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