Modding the Navi - Part 3

In this third part of the series we are going to focus on the cosmetic changes.  There are a number of changes that can be made and I guess I need to decide what sort of look I am going for.  I could go with a sport look, or a cruiser but I think I want to make this street scrambler or adventure bike styled.

The Saddle Bags

Now I don't want to load this bike down that much, weight is an issue with an engine this small, so I went with token saddle bags.  There are a lot of options out there, but what I went with were these.

Sub Delivery?

I have not tested this hypothesis yet but I suspect a Jimmy Johns sub will fit in there nicely.  There is an argument to say that these are not needed given the storage box, but a little extra space might be handy.

The Screen

Based on the videos from Life of Burch, I chose the following screen from Amazon to put on the bike.

Looks good!

It should be pointed out that there is an issue with the kit in that being a universal kit, it does not have new mounting screws for the brackets and the Honda screws are not long enough to fit with the screen.  So off to the local hardware store for a pair of 25mm x M5 bolts, some washers and spacers to provide some rigidity to the attachment point.

Remove the front reflectors

The front reflectors are gaudy and in my opinion unnecessary, and in fact very easy to remove. Just two screws to undo and the whole reflector assembly will come off. 

Then put them back so you don't lose them.

Once I had the reflector assembly off, I put the screws back in the holes just so that I know where they are.  Amazon does have a little Navi badge that fits here so I might invest in one of those.

Add the Quad Lock

The last thing to add is the Quad Lock mount for my phone.  While I don't plan on running the Navi long distances so I won't need navigation, it is handy for music and just some place to put the phone.  The best place I have found for the phone is on the thin crossbar, so the mirror mount is the one to get.

It can obscure the instrument cluster

The only issue with this location is that it can obscure the instruments, mostly the indicator light for the flashers.  I wondered about putting the Quad Lock mount on the mirror stem and it does work. In fact I filmed some video with my camera mounted that way.

Anyway, that is enough for now, I will write other posts with more cosmetic changes as well as the performance changes.

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